Bij Collectable Vinyl ( is het vinylalbum van Vitesse verkrijgbaar. Op het album vind je een Brood side, op deze kant van het album allemaal nummers waaraan Herman Brood heeft bijgedragen in zijn Vitesse jaren.

En dan hebben we The Other Great Side, op deze kant andere juweeltjes die gevonden zijn in de archieven van The Stable Studio.



This This is a very special release, this CD. There are 11 songs on it which have never been released in these versions, and in addition to that, there are even 8 songs which have never appeared on any official album of Vitesse or Herman Brood! These recordings were discovered in the basement of the Stable Studio in the city of Arnhem, owned by Roel Toering, whose studio is still in business! The Stable Studio has been the home of many Dutch recording bands like Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers, The Scene, Tröckener Kecks, Ivy Green, Powerplay, and, of course Vitesse, a.o. Please, take a look at the website Vitesse has always been known as the band with a lot of changes in the line-up, and that was a fact from the start, a start made by Herman van Boeyen and Herman Brood. We have really done the best we can to find out who played which instrument on what song, but no one involved can remember this. We have asked the musicians mentioned and of course Roel Toering. We are so sorry we could not ask this to the man himself, the tiger with the sticks, due to his mental illness. We know he is alive and well living in Amsterdam but unfortunately, he cannot remember details from the past. So in these notes we can not tell you exactly who is playing what on which song, except for Herman Van Boeyen of course, drums on all tracks, and Herman Brood playing piano on “his” songs. If you have any additional information, send us an email at If there is a next pressing, we will make the adjustments. The musicians you hear are: HERMAN VAN BOEYEN, JAN VAN DER MEIJ, RUDY DE QUELJOE, WILCO TURU LEERDAM, HERMAN BROOD, ROB TEN BOKUM, FERDI KARMELK, PAUL BAGMEYER & GERRIT VEEN. We are in doubt ourselves about Peter Smid and Rob van Donselaar… It has been a lot of fun (and even more stress), making this very special Vitesse-album. We both have our own history with Vitesse, and it is an honour that, thanks to Roel Toering, we had the opportunity to do this. Enjoy it! Tonie Bosch & Ton Odijk.