Kingfisher Tripods

Made of high quality material, they are especially designed for the active / outdoor / adventure / traveling photographer.
Lightweight, Comfortable and Affordable

Our product line

Best price, great performance!

Kingfisher Starter

Great tripod for starters.
A rounder for all needs and still affordable!
Ball head included, ready to go in and outdoors.

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Kingfisher Sprinter

Light weight and compact tripod.
Ideal to travel with to cities, holiday and more.
This is the most perfect tripod to be used with a system camera or small reflex.

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Kingfisher Winner

An absolute top quality tripod in carbon fiber.
Very stabel and comfortable, Suitable for all kinds of photographers and ready for every job!
The friction controled Ball head is very strong and works well with all kind of gear.

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Kingfisher Video head

This video head is the best extension to your tripod kit.
simple, functional en affordable!.
This video head is also usable with portet scape

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